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How to make a web page responsive with css

Before we begin you need to add the following to the head section of your html

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />

Lets take a simple example of html:

<div class="container">   
  <div class="col-1">  
  <div class="col-2">   

So, lets say that we will have a webpage that will have 2 columns, one on the left and one on right. When the page gets too narrow, the right column can hop over to underneath the left column.  Here is the non-responsive css:

  background: #0000FF;
  width: 970px;
  margin: 0 auto;
.col1, .col2{
  width: 50%;
  float: left;
  background: #fff;

/* make the float stop after col2 */
  content: '';
  display: block;
  clear: both;

Our container divs width is set to 970px so when the screen resolution becomes less than that we can make some responsive css magic happen. First thing we will need is a media query.

@media (max-width: 969px){ /* 1px less than container width */
    width: 100%;

Now when the browser window gets to 969px wide the container div will no longer be 970px but instead 100%. At this width, it doesn’t seem worth doing anything with the column divs yet, so lets wait until the browser width gets to 640px.

@media (max-width: 640px){ 
    width: 100%;

And there you go. Very simple!

That was obviously a very basic responsive web page but you get the idea. With so many smart phones and tablets out there these days,  there are many screen resolutions that a responsive website needs to be adapted for. Check this out to find more resolutions

Hello Jason

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Ruby and Ruby on rails

After doing the web programming course at the local university I was quite eager to get a programming job. Unfortunately there is still so much more I have to learn. I dont think any programmer is ever finished with their education.

Anyway, I found something that I like even better than PHP, Ruby and Ruby on rails. I started learning both via an online course on I love rails, it’s amazing. You can set up the functionality for a blog in a few minutes using something called scaffolding. You are forced to do everything Object Oriented so you dont repeat yourself. The code itself “Ruby” is really logical and easy to understand because the syntax is very descriptive and so much can be done with just a little code. There are of course some disadvantages as well, for example deploying for the first time was a nightmare. I didnt know what to do but at least there is always the internet to fall back on. My old friend the internet where all the answers are.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. I am planning on updating my golf project from php to rails soon but I will have to find a domain host which can handle rails because my current one “” does’nt.

Web Programming course

Yes, now I have completed the latest course! A web programming course in Växjö, Sweden. During this course I have studied different programming languages such as javaScript, php, and mySql.  Some of the projects that we did were both interesting and challenging. One of the projects was a very basic web shop, the challenges were to get a list of products from an xml file with javascript and ajax and produce a menu of products, one can then drag and drop the products from menu into the shopping cart or the wish list and from there you can continue to check out and purchase the product.

Another project was a very basic version of Facebook. In this project we were to create a database with users and user interactivity, such as becoming friends with each other and messaging each other. The site contains a news feed page, a profile page and a login page.

Now that I am finished this course I am starting to look for some experience and asking different companies in Växjö if they can take me on to do some free work, you know until they are ready to offer me a job or I am ready to get a job. We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

How to deal with FBML deprecation

Okay, so you need to create your own customized Facebook fan page but the FBML page tab is being deprecated. Do not fear you can still do it. Just a little differently.

The first thing you need is a web server or a website which can host the page. Basically you need to create an app on Facebook and add this app to your profile. On this app will be your customized fan page which will be shown using iframes.

Here’s how to do it:

Install the facebook developers app

To install this app you will need to go to the following address:

If this is the first time you are installing this app it will ask you for permission.

Facebook dveloper app permission page

Click on allow in order to proceed.

Now you need to create your iFrame application

Click on the create app button as seen below.

Once clicked the following will be shown. Choose a name for your new app, click agree and lastly “Create New App

creating facebook app

Fill out the security message and then click on submit.

Facebook captcha

We are going to skip a few steps because they are just options which can be decided by yourself and you wont be needing my assistance for those.

The About tab

Here you can fill out the name of your new app. Keep it short but describe it well as this will be shown in your lists of apps and you’ll need to recognize which apps are which. The logo is also quite important if you don’t want the default picture.

Facebook app about tab

Important! Facebook Integration

To integrate your app with facebook click on this tab to the left.

Facebook intergration


In the page tabs section you need to enter the location where you have the app files stored (your html,css and javaScript).

facebook tabs section

  • Tab name is what appears on the left column of your profile page.
  • The page tab type is to be set to iframe.
  • Tab URL: This is the url of where facebook can find your html file which contains your fan page.
  • Secure tab URL: This would be basically the same url except that it would start with https instead of http. This means that the address has a SSL certificate. If you dont have a SSL certificate then you can leave this part blank but if a user comes from a secure facebook page to your fan page then your fan page will not be shown, only your wall.

Click save to continue.

Now you need to add your app too your profile page. To do this, click on the “Application profile page” link which can be located on the right hand side of your application page.

adding the fb app to your page

Once you get to the application profile page you will see a link on the left hand column which says “Add to my page”. Click on this link and a dialog box will pop up where you can choose which page to add the app to. Choose the one you want that is it, you’re done!

That’s the end

FBML deprecated

I have just read that the Facebook FBML application is being deprecated on the 1 January 2012, and 1 June 2012 the app will no longer work. This is kind of irritating considering the work I recently did on 2 different FBML pages. It seems that if you want to personalize your Facebook company page or fan page then you will have to build an app yourself using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Well back to the drawing board for me. I was planning on offering my services to some other companies but I guess I will have build my own app first and see how that goes.



Facebook FBML deprecated

Facebook FBML pages

Since I have completed a web design course I have become more comfident with my skills. I offered to help a small restaurant in Växjö to do their Facebook company page for them. For those of you who didn’t know, this takes a bit of programming. This is actually the second Facebook company page I have done. The first I did was for work and I didn’t have the full design responsibility.

This small restaurant lies right outside the Kronoberg castle in the area called Evedal. They serve lunches and dinners like normal restaurants but they would like to reach out to company customers instead and do more catering, events and conferenses. I tried my best to portray their desires in their new Facebook company profile. The last thing on the list was a facebook like button on their web site.

Web design course

I have successfully completed a web design course. Yay!! The course ended in August and I passed. Double Yay!! The course included languages such as HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, RSS and Javascript. That was quite a mouthful. I completed quite a few projects including a web portfolio in the form of a website which contains links to all the other projects. A couple of other projects include a game of dice, and an interactive web site. I am going to be publishing all these projects and linking to them from my blog.

I have enrolled in a new course for web programming. I will be studying programming languages such as PHP and MySQL databases. Sounds like fun doesn’t it! Anyway once I have this course completed I think I will be ready to start offering my services to some web companies, getting some very much needed experience.

And since I have come such a long way with web design, I have also decided to update the design of my blog. I have already decided the new style and design and it looks great in my head. I just have to make or get a hold of some good pictures to make it a reality. I hope you will like it.

Another decision I have made is to blog more often. I have not been using this blog as intended and that is definitely reflected in the amount of visitors. The more frequently you blog, the more you show up on search engines (with a little help from SEO), and I have been very sloppy with that.

Well that’s it for today.

Signing off

Why not buy a LG BD530 1080p

Now you can enjoy full HD 1080p with the latest in Blue Ray disc player.
You can even put in your old DVD collection in the Blue ray disc player and they look better than usual DVD’s with the exellent up scaling feature. Imagin being able to convert a DVD into HD quality!Even the remote control can be used for all of your tv equipment as well!
I have taken this machine home and tested it more the different video formats and features which it offers and have left my findings below.

I have used this Blue Ray player for more than a week and it plays the following without any issues directly from Blue Ray disc as well as DVD, CD and USB:AVCHDI have also noticed that when mkv files have been encoded with H263 and DTS that the audio subtitles have no trouble being played. Subtitle worked perfectly fine.
The up conversion feature works flawlessly and I cant say enough about the playback of MKV.I can clearly see the difference between regular playback and upconversion (the files I have used were IMAX HD documentaries and Disney Pixar movies i.e. quality of the original file was good to start with).

Super sharp picture quality, absolutely beautiful, exellent loading speed of the disc! Fantastic quality for googles picassa and you tube.Overall, it’s great inexpensive player that played many media from various sources.

Click on the link to purchase the LG BD530 1080p on

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