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Goods Sweden

I just recently acquired a job at Goods Sweden AB as Logistics and web manager. I am mostly excited about the web part, as it means that I will be responsible for the start up and of a new webshop, Goods home. This webshop will be similar to the companies current webshop but will be catering to the private sector. This job has really put me on the path that I want to be on. Isnt it amazing when that happens!

Green Furniture Interview

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A few months ago I was asked to do an interview for a furniture company called Green furniture, . Since I work for a library interior decorating company and we sell the particular product that I was going to be interviewed about.

Now they have finally released the interivew on their website and to my surprise, I dont look as awfull as I thought I would.

By the way, the interview is about their product called @-space. This is a chair that not only lools extremely cool but it also comes with the possibility to insert a surround sound system into it, a game consol or a computer and a monitor (even a touch screen monitor). The thing that is really amazing is  that the  sound doesnt escape out of the immediate vicinity of the chair. You can hear the music loud and clear while sitting in the chair but hardly at all when not sitting in it.

Webshop Nordic Möbler

I am proud to say that the latest project that I have been working on which is Nordic Möbler the website has opened up the webshop Nordic Möbler Webshop . We have added products from brand name Lamp Gustaf so far and more is coming. Other brands such as Hans K and SB Nord are slowly coming on board as well. So this is turning out to be a very fun project.

I will be doing an interview with designer David Larsson soon, who has designed some very stylish pieces of furniture for Hans K, so it will be very interesting. I will hopefully get to upload some nice pictures of the products and mabye even one of David.

Nordic Möbler

August 8, 2009

Well the design was obviously not meant to be as I didnt get in, I guess they just didnt like my project. Anyway onto the news. I have joined a new company. It is called Nordic Mobler and this is a blog/webshop. Basically the blog contains loads of articles about different pieces of furniture, new up and coming furniture designers and furniture companies. The blog then links to a webshop which contains the products listed on the blog. I am supposed to arrange new suppliers and new products and see to that all products get to customers and that everyone in between is happy. Sounds like fun, no?  Lets hope it goes well.

Design Course Växjö

May 10, 2009

Well at the moment I am trying to complete a project which might help me get into a design course at the Vaxjo university. My project includes 3 drawings, a little essay about what a workday in the life of Jason Carty is like and a picture or two of the tables that I have designed. I also had to present all of these things in a clever way.

I am still a little uncertain wether or not, if accepted, I would start the course. It is a three year course and when there is the question “where is the money going to come from” it is always a hard decision. I could take a loan but who on earth likes having a loan hanging over their heads?


I have taken a great interest in design in the last few years, be it furniture, libraries or even webdesign, it all facsinates me. It all started in Sweden about 4 years ago and has slowly progressed from there.

I have never studied design in the traditional form but have been lucky enough to work with some very creative minds and I’m starting to notice that it has rubbed off on me. I hope to continue my on hand study of design during this difficult period for the world but this is proving to be difficult. Isn’t that just typical.

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