Why not buy a LG BD530 1080p

Now you can enjoy full HD 1080p with the latest in Blue Ray disc player.
You can even put in your old DVD collection in the Blue ray disc player and they look better than usual DVD’s with the exellent up scaling feature. Imagin being able to convert a DVD into HD quality!Even the remote control can be used for all of your tv equipment as well!
I have taken this machine home and tested it more the different video formats and features which it offers and have left my findings below.

I have used this Blue Ray player for more than a week and it plays the following without any issues directly from Blue Ray disc as well as DVD, CD and USB:AVCHDI have also noticed that when mkv files have been encoded with H263 and DTS that the audio subtitles have no trouble being played. Subtitle worked perfectly fine.
The up conversion feature works flawlessly and I cant say enough about the playback of MKV.I can clearly see the difference between regular playback and upconversion (the files I have used were IMAX HD documentaries and Disney Pixar movies i.e. quality of the original file was good to start with).

Super sharp picture quality, absolutely beautiful, exellent loading speed of the disc! Fantastic quality for googles picassa and you tube.Overall, it’s great inexpensive player that played many media from various sources.

Click on the link to purchase the LG BD530 1080p on Amazon.com.

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