Ruby and Ruby on rails

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  • Tobias Sandelius:

    “Object Oriented so you dont repeat yourself.”

    OOP doesn’t mean you won’t repeat code. It’s the DRY priciple and has nothing to do with OOP.

    Ruby is a great language and Rails is a productive framework. Good choice! :)

  • admin:

    Hi Tobias,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes you are right. I guess I worded that quite poorly.

  • How’s your learning going?

  • admin:

    Hi Tobias.

    The learning is going well. I really have come to love rails and have even started looking into using rails and angularJS together. I sent an example project of mine to you. Did you get it? What did you think?


  • You won’t find a “normal” host provder for rails. You’re deaaling with the big boys now so it requires a VPS :) If you need help to select a provider and setup your server i can gladly help. Send me your Skype username.

  • admin:

    Wow. Thanks for offering to help but I suppose I would have to get a server first? The golf game booking app doesn’t really require much traffic. There’s only about 20 guys in South Africa using it so I think I can just use heroku for it. We’ll see how it turns out. Anyway, my skype username is jason.carty1


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