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My endeavours in search engine optimization

Well, since I started working with this new webshop, I have noticed that there werent too many visitors. So I have been trying to optimize the webshop.

I did the usual as in submitting the sitemap to all the search engines, getting into google places, optimising for keywords, and the rest. I even started leaving commens on relevant blogs and submitting the webshop to all these link sites. But none really did anything.

I learnt that optimizing for keywords was basically pointless with regards to google because google doesnt even count these into the search results. It is worth it for Yahoo but I dunno if that is really worth it.

Then i started on link wheels which I dont think went all that bad. I got the product called SENuke which doesnt do a terrible job but article spinning just seems so vulgar. I have heard a few bad things about link wheels in that they are traceable and that the pages dont get indexed because they are not important enough according to google, which i understand.

I have been told that link wheels are traceable because all the sites in the wheel are linked to each other, so I decided that I am going to try link wheels without this linking and to only link to the money site.
Plus in order to get the sites indexed i have decided to go through twitter link feed and get each post twittered and on at least two facebook pages.

I hope this works! I will let you know my findings.

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