Web design course

I have successfully completed a web design course. Yay!! The course ended in August and I passed. Double Yay!! The course included languages such as HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, RSS and Javascript. That was quite a mouthful. I completed quite a few projects including a web portfolio in the form of a website which contains links to all the other projects. A couple of other projects include a game of dice, and an interactive web site. I am going to be publishing all these projects and linking to them from my blog.

I have enrolled in a new course for web programming. I will be studying programming languages such as PHP and MySQL databases. Sounds like fun doesn’t it! Anyway once I have this course completed I think I will be ready to start offering my services to some web companies, getting some very much needed experience.

And since I have come such a long way with web design, I have also decided to update the design of my blog. I have already decided the new style and design and it looks great in my head. I just have to make or get a hold of some good pictures to make it a reality. I hope you will like it.

Another decision I have made is to blog more often. I have not been using this blog as intended and that is definitely reflected in the amount of visitors. The more frequently you blog, the more you show up on search engines (with a little help from SEO), and I have been very sloppy with that.

Well that’s it for today.

Signing off

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