Web Programming course

Yes, now I have completed the latest course! A web programming course in Växjö, Sweden. During this course I have studied different programming languages such as javaScript, php, and mySql.  Some of the projects that we did were both interesting and challenging. One of the projects was a very basic web shop, the challenges were to get a list of products from an xml file with javascript and ajax and produce a menu of products, one can then drag and drop the products from menu into the shopping cart or the wish list and from there you can continue to check out and purchase the product.

Another project was a very basic version of Facebook. In this project we were to create a database with users and user interactivity, such as becoming friends with each other and messaging each other. The site contains a news feed page, a profile page and a login page.

Now that I am finished this course I am starting to look for some experience and asking different companies in Växjö if they can take me on to do some free work, you know until they are ready to offer me a job or I am ready to get a job. We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

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